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Helping all of the conservations
programs that we do would all
be for nothing without our
undying support of the NRA.
We appreciate the hard work
that has gone into the fight for
the American Right to Bear Arms

One of our personal favorite
foundations to support is the
RMEF. It is easy to see the
impact our personal support has
on the overall embodiment
when we see the big bulls in our glass.


We have been Lifetime
Members of our local chapter
for over 25 years. Lots of great
exercise makes it easy to
experience first hand the impact
we have had on our local bird
population. We have gone from
few and far between to millions
in a few short years.

Some of the most fun our family
has is experiencing the rush
from the explosion of a covey of
quail. Maintaining and
improving their nesting grounds
is on the top of our list every year.

Turkey Season is one I look
forward to every year. A lot of
my interest is placed in the
overall health of our birds.
Logging and Tracking the overall
numbers goes a

We invest our time into the
things that matter and that has
to include our donations and
work to help support our local
watershed programs.

H and M Firearms

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We were awarded with Conservations Program of the Year by the State of Kansas.  Our passion for wildlife conservation included planting more than 9000 trees and shrubs.

  • Eastern Red Cedars
  • Junipers
  • Choke Cherries
  • Lilacs
  • Cottonwoods
  • Sand Hill Plums
  • American Plums
  • 130+ Acres of CRP Upland Bird Habitat

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